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Crown Jewels UK.

Full body Jewels set.

Full body Jewels set.

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Be the showstopper with this glamorous full jewelry set! It comes with a chic belt, chest plate, earrings, and ring - all adorned with brilliant jewels. Perfect for a Drag Queen show, be the envy of your glamorous peers! Make a statement with the perfect statement pieces.


This full body jewels set including earrings, ring, necklace and belt

Care information

Jewels- All jewels are pretty much care free however, if you wish to clean your jewels use a soft sponge dipped in warm soapy water. After cleaning dry them fully with a hair dryer straight away. Do not spray perfume or hairspray on to your jewels.

Feathers - feathers once they arrive hang them up to fluff back up after been pack in their shipping box for atlases 48 hours. always try and keep them hung up when possible. keep dry and out of direct sunlight.

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